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There are four GMDSS (Marine Radio) training courses available, namely: The GMDSS General Operator’s Certificate (GOC); the GMDSS Restricted Operator’s Certificate (ROC); the Long Range Certificate (LRC); and the Short Range Certificate (SRC). Non-certificated ‘GMDSS Refresher Training’ can be provided - onboard your own vessel/offshore installation. A 1-day course to bring you up to speed on your own kit

GMDSS Restricted Operator’s Certificate (ROC)
Our ROC course is suitable for re-validating a deck certificate for STCW ‘95;
is appropriate for UK Master (Yachts <200gt limited)/OOW (yachts <500gt);
VTS/Marine Operations personnel going for V103 certification;
and for European Directive fishing vessels operating within Sea Area A1.
Our ROC courses are 3-days, with the examination on Day 4.

GMDSS General Operator’s Certificate (GOC)
Our GOC course is 8 days duration - examinations on Day 9/10. The GOC is required for all new Captains/Mates, and OOW <3000gt, in the professional yachtsman ‘deck’ system, including the UK Master Yachts (<200gt Unlimited)/OOW (yachts <3000gt). certificate.
You can now access the bank of UK GMDSS GOC Multi-choice questions on the AMERC website - click this link and you’ll be there!

GMDSS Refresher Training - the ‘GMDSS Confidence Builder’
There is no ‘formal’ nor ‘certificated’ refresher/revalidation training available under the UK system - and anyone doing a new course and sitting the exam will not be issued a second GMDSS certificate, nor have their existing certificate ‘revalidated’.
If you’d like worthwhile refresher training, I can come to your vessel (or offshore installation) and give training to a small group, using your own equipment.
I’ve spent all of my adult life as professional Radio Operator/Radio Officer - making me familiar with most makes of GMDSS kit - including the latest models. If you were trained in a college some time ago, chances are your vessel won’t have the same kit that you were trained on and/or you just don’t have time to keep yourself proficient (with the risk of failing any Port State Control inspection?). Let me come to your vessel/installation and give worthwhile training on your own kit.

For more information on (UK-issued) GMDSS Certificates see:
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